losing a friend. sad or no?

Recently I did something that I’ve honestly never done before. I broke up with a friend and we’re still on good terms. Usually when a friendship ends for me, it consists of us just falling out of touch and never speaking again.

*Side Note: I’m watching this show ER and Dr. Carter is so so handsome I wish he was my boyfriend 😥 too bad this was filmed in ’95 before I was even born.*

Or these friendships end in a large crash and burn, you know how those go. Anyways the way I ended this one was by not telling her I didn’t want to be friends. I just stopped reaching out and things eventually fell away from each other. Sometimes she’ll still ask me to go out for dinner or go on a trip, but I don’t make my schedule around it anymore. If I’m in her town then I’ll go see her, if not then you won’t find me in her space.

The reason why? She’s selfish. So selfish. Everything has always been about what she wanted, when she wanted it. She always had something to disprove my opinion or counter my argument and tried to make me feel bad about thinking certain ways or doing certain things.

If you have a selfish person as a friend just let me tell you now… these people ARE NOT you friends. I don’t care if that’s the only person you ever hang out with, end the friendship. You don’t have to be mean or even honest. (Honesty is usually the best policy, but she’s never asked why we aren’t good friends anymore so I haven’t told her.)

Ever since we stopped being friends, I’ve been so much happier. Not having to be angry or upset about her being negative has had SUCH a POSITIVE influence in my life.

If you have a friend who makes you unhappy please for the love of all that is good, stop being friends with them. In the best, nicest way you can ❤


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