new year, new me?

happy new year! WOW, its twenty e i g h t e e n. Let’s talk about resolutions!

Personally I’ve never been able to stick to any butttt I make them every year. Mine are as follows:

  1. Go to church more. Seriously believe it or not church makes me a much happier, much better person. I’m way more patient and happy when I go to church on a regular basis
  2. Work out three times a week. #solidcore. Best workout you’ll ever get. Go to 3 classes and you’ll see a difference its wild. It’s super expensive so I’ll have to allocate a  big part of my budget to it. This is an overall basic resolution though, every one wants to get skinny.
  3. Eat only when I’m hungry. I tend to eat a lot of bad stuff just for the taste, I’m not really hungry I just wanna taste it, but then its so good I eat the whole thing. its a #problem.
  4. Only go out once or twice a weekend. (Mostly to save the grades)
  5. Speaking of grades, GET GOOD GRADES. Everyone has a different definition of “good” grades. My definition is all A’s.
  6. No more bars. All I do is spend money, get wayyy to drunk and cry 🙂
  7. Start studying for the MCATs.

I’ll keep you posted as to if these resolutions even make it past March. For my sake I HOPE TO GOD they do 🙂 Comment your resolutions ♥️


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