the mcat: its not a drill people

Facing the below average grades I received last semester, I had a choice to make. I actually have to stop partying and start studying. FOR REALS THIS TIME.

I say this very often, with absolutely no intention of decreasing my partying time and increasing my studying efforts. But this time, I actually have to do it. Why you ask? Because of the MCAT. 

For those of you who don’t know, the MCAT is a standardized test given to people who want to enter medical school. I don’t even know what it stands for, but you can look it up if it so interests you. You need to take this test to get into most medical schools (if not all of them) and you need a competitive score. I’ve been told by the ‘higher ups’ that a competitive score is 505, but I feel like they’re just trying to make us reach for the stars. I’d have to do some actual research to determine if that was true or not.

Anyways, this bitch of a test is wild. Its SEVEN HOURS long. You get some breaks for the bathroom and lunch so basically you’re there for eight hours. It tests on all different science related topics. There’s all these tips and tricks you can look for on the internet to show you how to “beat” the test.

I’m going to take a practice test this week and then start studying. I plan on taking the test in August so please bless me with your prayers and good luck ♥️

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