my black nail polish causing WAVES

A couple of weeks ago I drunkenly meandered into frankly a weird ass situation.

So I’m minding my own business at a bar with my girl friends. It’s one of those bars with one dollar shots, a lot of drunk crying, and especially loud music. We’re all having fun dancing and drinking until we eventually decide to make our way to the next bar. This next bar is more of a restaurant than anything. I figure people decide to go there so they can stop sweating, take a seat, and actually be able to have a conversation with someone.

Here we are at the bar, I go up to the bartender, ready to order when an older guy starts chatting me up. (Okay so if I’m 20 then this guy is probably like 35.) I’m kinda clueless and relatively nice so I engage in this conversation with him.

We’re talking about football and alcohol when he looks down at my nails and LITERALLY says to me with a disgusted expression on his face “Ugh black nail polish is so ugly, why would you paint them that color.” So I look down at my nails and I say “I like them.” He goes “At least paint them red or something.” At this point I’m confused because I’ve been insulted, but in the weirdest fucking way. After 30 seconds of talking, this man really thinks the best thing to do is rip on my NAIL POLISH COLOR. Shit at least tell me I’m ugly or fat or something so I know its an actual insult.

Welp. I actually laughed this comment off and just went on with the conversation for a couple more minutes then left to pee with my girl squad. Later it started pissing me off.

I probably should’ve said something, but I honestly didn’t even realize it till later. Cons of being nice to strangers in a bar! Gotta learn to be more m e a n.

What do you think I should have done differently? What would you have done in that situation? Comment!!



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